about mariah


I am so happy you are here.

A little about me:

i absolutely LOVE

tom, my cat Paddington, yoga, running, a good book, french wine, polka dots, grocery shopping, rain, & tea

I work as a mental health therapist at a cancer hospital and I teach yoga. I love Utah with my whole heart. Traveling is my favorite way to learn about the world. I eat vegetarian. My favorite place is London. I've known my husband for 8 years, I would say we are soulmates, he keeps me grounded, I keep him weird. My friends and family call me a grandma...i'm cool with it, i like to go to bed early, i am obsessed with anything floral print, and i would rather stay at home reading with my cat...sue me. 

The Paddington Press is a my online journal, I want to be able to look back and remember all the little details of this ADVENTURE. Obviously, this blog is named after my cat, whom is named after one of my favorite boroughs in London. 

.Lets be friends.


(people call me M)

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