Summer so far [2016]

Summer 2016 has been full of:

bike rides
craft cocktails
trip planning (euro 2016!!)
reading (therapy books and novels) 
coffee shop mornings
exploring new food spots
babies (I swear this is the year of babies)
pool days

{Sar's baby shower for Ru girl}

{Koko's baby shower for baby Phoenix}

{Dinner at Sea Salt...Tom got a 4.0 in his first semester of grad school!}

{quick little trip to Vegas}

{pool day with my main}

{Kiki's b day dinner in Solitude}

{arts festival with dad and T}

Lets keep enjoying summer! 


Boston with My Bests

Since our friends live all over the place now we try to make a girls trip once a year. Kaitlyn and I decided to visit Rach in Boston for a long weekend. 

I absolutely loved it! It felt very euro too me. Rach was a fantastic host and had all sorts of things planned for us, activities, museums, shopping, food, treats. 

We flew overnight and landed around 9 in the morning. We dropped off our bags and immediately hit the street...with the aid of coffee. 

Boston seriously has the prettiest buildings. 

^^^brewery tour. We had a coffee beer that was so DELICIOUS 

^^^ Rachel clearly doesn't go here

^^^love these friends of mine. We have been in it together since 8th grade. 

Sad to leave rac! 

Such a fun weekend with friends. We had a wonderful time being together. Friends are important and I don't know what I would do without these two. 



New York City to visit Olive

Tom and I had NEVER been to NYC together, so we figured it was about time. 

Olivia (my college roommate and one of my dearest friends) moved there after college to pursue film. Tom and I decided we would take a weekend trip to spend time with her and the bf Andrew. 

We stayed near Time Square in a cute boutique hotel, close to shopping, food, and drinks.

We had some slight delays on flights...We took a red-eye  out of SLC and ended up getting delayed, and delayed, and delayed again, and some more delays....finally making it to NYC just in time for dinner when we were supposed to be there in time for breakfast! Oh well, we had a good time being together in the Philly airport.

After dinner we were laying in bed and I decided to get on my phone and Yelp some treat places...found this gem and convinced Tom we had to walk there. Cake Batter Cookie for the WIN!

Shopping time^^

^^^Grand Central Station

^^^a much needed brunch stop and off to more shopping

^^^and finally a night with Olivia. We headed out to Brooklyn and spent the evening at her place. I love seeing my friends happy and doing what they love.

This was a QUICK QUICK QUICK trip but so worth it and fun.

Nothing better than traveling the world with T.


PS: Here is some more randomness.