Boston with My Bests

Since our friends live all over the place now we try to make a girls trip once a year. Kaitlyn and I decided to visit Rach in Boston for a long weekend. 

I absolutely loved it! It felt very euro too me. Rach was a fantastic host and had all sorts of things planned for us, activities, museums, shopping, food, treats. 

We flew overnight and landed around 9 in the morning. We dropped off our bags and immediately hit the street...with the aid of coffee. 

Boston seriously has the prettiest buildings. 

^^^brewery tour. We had a coffee beer that was so DELICIOUS 

^^^ Rachel clearly doesn't go here

^^^love these friends of mine. We have been in it together since 8th grade. 

Sad to leave rac! 

Such a fun weekend with friends. We had a wonderful time being together. Friends are important and I don't know what I would do without these two. 



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