Hi 24!

I cant handle that I just turned 24. 
Part of me feels like its young, part of me feels like its old. 
Aging is just weird. 

My 23 year of life was jam packed...my goal for 24 is to SLOW down, enjoy, be present, and take life as it comes. 

23 went as follows:

-graduated graduate school with a Masters in Social Work with a health emphasis-

-visited 6 European countries. In March we saw Norway, Sweden and Denmark, in November we saw Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium.-

-Passed my social work board exam early so I could graduate and start working ASAP...not my best move because I studied like a crazy lady for weeks, while still working and going to school and took it the day before we left for Scandinavia...I was a basket case for about 2 months there...thanks Tom for supporting me, and thank you to my cat for loving me unconditionally through this time.-

-started teaching an advanced power yoga class during prime time!!! woot woot- 

-scored my dream job at one of the worlds leading cancer hospitals...i still have not one single clue on how I got this job....bizzzzzarreeee-

-opened my private practice and created Soul Shine SLC...love seeing clients-

-read a LOTTT of good books. I need to do some book reviews- 

-moved to a darling bungalow that i am beyond obsessed with-

-bought a new suby that kills it in the snow-

-fell more in love with T and realized just how lucky I am to share in this adventure with him. Seeing the world with him is amazing.-

Cheers to 24! May it be more relaxing and peaceful. 

I have some BIG goals for the year but most importantly I want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 


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