Hamburg Germany

So about a month after we got home from Scandinavia we got an email from Norwegian Airlines saying "crazy cheap flights to NEED to go," jk it didn't say that but it pretty much did. 

We scored round trip tickets to Europe for under $600 each. CRAY

We started our Euro road trip in Hamburg. 

Hamburg is known as a "working metropolitan" city. We arrived around 1:30 pm, jet lagged as can be, but DONT worry it was Hamburg DOM! Yeah, I didn't know what it was at first either but basically it is a HUGE fair, probably the best thing you can imagine to help beat jet lag. 

We got to our awesome apartment hotel, perfect size and space for your first night in Europe after a long day traveling. Once we did some yoga, we headed to DOM and absolutely loved it. We ate the best doughnuts drenched in powder sugar, drank some local brew, had one too many coffees (gotta make it till at least 9 pm) and bought more candy. 

About 2 hours into Dom it starts snowing, i don't mean cute little romantic snow flurries, I mean blizzard snow, but everyone was just carrying on as if nothing was wrong...we thought the whole place was going to shut down, OH NO, everything just kept on a going, we road a huge roller coaster in a blizzard...that will be one memory for the books.   

obligatory "I'm in germany in the fall with my main lad" pic 

Bless my jet lagged heart.

I mean darn cute

Next morning we woke up, T picked up the rental car and we were on to AMSTERDAM (possibly my new favorite European city)


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