Quick trip to Texas

I try to make it to TX once a year to see my sister and her family.

Every time I go I am reminded of how much I miss my nieces and nephew, seeing them grow up in Utah was such a blessing in my life. Spending so much time around them reminded me of a few things:

1. Life is short, spend it with those you love
2. There is something so MAGICAL about being with little kids
3. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things

We took the kiddos to Schlitterbahn, a huge waterpark an hour away from their home in Austin. From the second we arrived they were SOOOO excited to go to the waterpark and stay in a hotel, every day they would ask me "Mia, are you excited to go? Can you believe we are staying in a hotel?" Each night I would pause and think about how much excitement they carried with them and how much joy it brought them and it reminded me I need to do the same. Find joy in the small things!

One more ramble.

Each day I would ask Mili, the youngest of the girls, "is this the best day of your life?" Every single day her answer was yes, and it was always yes for different reasons. It simply reminded me that each day is the best day, live it like it's the best day ever and see what happens.


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