Chicago Girls Weekend

There is nothing better than a spontaneous trip. 

It was a Saturday when Rachel, one of my long time friends, calls and says: 

"hey, wanna go to Chicago Thursday?"

UMMMM yes! 

And that was that. 
We had an amazing weekend in Chicago. So much fun to spend time together. Even thought we've all been changing and doing different things in the world, we know that when we come together it is bound to be wonderful. 

We ate REALLY good food, visited wonderful museums, strolled through the park, shopped a little too much, and drank way too many soy vanilla lattes. 

(killer hotel view)

(some lady offered to take our photo...she was so sweet... but really?! This close? we laughed for a good 15 minutes)

(I'll do yoga with this view ANY day.)

Time with friends is always time well spent. 


If you are every in Chicago DO NOT MISS these:

(cool interactive exhibits!...I loved the space area)

(Killer deep dish pizza)

(amazing shopping) 

(Amazing things to walk around and look at)



  1. We used to live just a couple hours from Chicago. It's a great place for a weekend trip, that's for sure!