What fruits & veggies you should always buy organic

Eating clean is a big deal around our house. We eat a lot of whole fresh food each week with a large combination of fruits and vegetables. After much research, digging around on the internet, and reading many health books I have come up with a list that we like to stick to regarding what fruit and veggies to always buy organic. The amount of pesticides used on each fruit and vegetable varies depending on where it grows, the frequency it is grown in, and the shelf life of the product. If you are worried about pesticides in your food use this “what to buy” organic list as a guide for the next time you hit the grocery store isles!

Organic (according to research the following fruit/veggies have the highest pesticide content):
Bell peppers
Cucumber potatoes
Hot peppers

*I always buy organic if I will be eating the skin or food exactly how it comes ie. Berries, carrots, , grapes, cherries etc. However if for some reason they do not have the fruit/veggie I want in an organic option I have found that soaking them in water with 1 cup vinegar provides them with a thorough rinse making me feel much better about eating the produce!


  1. I had not heard of the option for a vinegar rinse--that's a good and easy idea! I also take the strategy of buying organic for items that I don't peel, but buying "normal" for things like bananas and avocados and grapefruit...

  2. You should try the rinse! It is super quick and easy... Makes me feel much better after I clean the produce!