Sarah's Bachelorette party/Bridal Shower

T's sister is getting married in just a few short weeks! EEEK! 

I had the wonderful privilege of throwing the family bridal shower. I kept it anchor themed (she is getting married on a yacht!) I had a local pastry shop cater the event. 

(The sign in table)

Should have taken more pics...

The following night was her bachelorette party up in Park City. I helped one of her cute friends set up and decorate. We had a relaxing night with some fun games! 

(each girl was asked to bring a panty in Sarahs size that they would pick out. Then Sarah had to guess who brought what...It was so fun and we had some good laughs)

Can't wait for May 9th! 


  1. You did a great job--these pictures definitely those that the decor and treats were lovely!

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