Part 3 of Wedding Week: The Dinner

Our wedding dinner was one of my favorite parts of the night. We spent a lot of time coming up with every last detail to make the dinner special and unique. 
Instead of table numbers we had destinations we had been with pictures of us from each place. We served a delicious dinner accompanied by a selection of red and white wine, champagne, and lemonade. We had both our fathers, and close friends give speeches. The speeches were so special. I will never forget the words that were shared amoung our closest friends and family.  I will cherish that moment forever.

Just reminicing about the dinner makes me feel up with happiness.

Grand entrances

Toms dad giving a wonderful speech

My dads speech
Having a moment... my dad tends to do that to me

Bens speech

Masons Speech

Ak performing a song...she is amazing

Me having another moment during Kaitlyns speech
Tom finishing it up for us! 

So much happiness! 


  1. Everything looks beautiful and it looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves. Congrats!

  2. Congrats on the marriage! Gorgeous pictures and I love the girls' dresses!

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  3. These are beautiful! Your wedding was gorgeous!

  4. It looks like you had a really fun time. The venue looks amazing. Beautiful choice for your wedding reception!

  5. This looks like every single person LOVED it all !!! So beautiful and the venue looks just perfect. I loved this - May God always bless you guys