San Francisco for the weekend

Tom and I promised each other to always go on adventures. 

Since being married we have made a list of places we want to visit and sites we want to see. 

One of the trips we wanted to do was to visit Toms sister Sarah and her fiancĂ© who live an hour out of San Francisco. One day we found some awesome deals on flights and headed out for the weekend. I convinced everyone to go to Alcatraz (yes I am a nerd) which turned out to be amazing. Everyone LOVED it. I would recommend it. We ate at a delicious place called The Plant | Cafe Organic right on the water that served all organic local food. We finished the night off at the famous Bi-Rite Creamery. We finished our trip with a visit to a winery by Sarah and Robs home. We got a private tour of the vineyard and got to taste a lot of amazing wines. 

Love random weekend trips with my main squeeze! 

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