Thailand Part 1

Thailand was AMAZING. 
I loved being in a completely different culture. It truly is incredible to be somewhere you've never been.
The flight was KILLER...24 hours. But so worth it. 
Struggled with the food..but that was a given. 
Made me eager to travel the world even more. 

I realized while I was there just how big the world really is. 

My Highlights:
-Tan & Adam's wedding-
-Fresh yummy fruit (especially mangosteen)-
-Seeing the famous Watts of Thailand-
-Dinner Cruise-
-shopping, shopping, SHOPPING, & more shopping (its probably a good thing I don't live there)-
-Tuk Tuk's (these little taxi things)-
-seeing Tan-
-Spending lots of time with family-
-taking the Sky Train-
-Holding a monkey-
-Flying South to Krabi-
-lazy days at the beach-
-pool days-
-lots of massages-

Photos from Bangkok:

 LONGEST flight of my life

 Tuk Tuk
 Bride & Groom 

 Dinner Cruise

 Visiting Adams English Class
 The sweetest little girl ever
 My cute litte fiance 

 Morning Ceremony Attire 

 Famous Golden Buddha   

 Reclining Buddha 

 The best pineapple I have ever had

A video and part 2 coming soon. 


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