The best day ever

November 30th started out normal. 

We both went to work. After work we were going to go shopping to get new dress shoes for Tom then meet his parents for dinner at the Country Club at 6:30. Tom picked me up after work and we went to the mall (this is where things started to get weird but I was oblivious to it all.) We started looking around and Tom suggested we stop for Coffee. He spilled his drink all over his white shirt. He was so concerned about it that we HAD to go to H&M and pick out another shirt (clue #1 Tom doesn't care about that type of stuff.) As we are browsing through H&M Ton tells me I can pick him out any shirt I like (clue #2 Tom normally wouldn't let me pick out anything in the store.) After I find a cute sweater for him we go to check out and the line is long and I mean LONG (clue #3 Tom would never wait in a line that long for a clothing article.) After we wait in line he tells me that he wants to go back one of the shoe stores and make sure we didn't miss any good shoes (clue #4 That would NEVER happen on a normal day.) I keep telling Tom we need to leave for his parents but he keeps stalling and looking in other stores..but I don't mind why would I complain...I love shopping. 

So 6:15 rolls around. We start heading to Tom's parents. As I walk in it is completely dark and the piano is playing. Tom says "I just want to make all your dreams come true." (A few weeks before this I had a dream about a really cute engagement that I told Tom about.) 
It looked like this:

Going down the hallway was balloons with pictures of the last 6 years. 

At the end of the hall the most beautiful ring I have ever seen was sitting on the table. Tom got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes.

Then Tom said he had one more surprise. As I walked upstairs this is what I found:

Our closest friends and family waiting to congratulate us. 

All in all it was one of the best days ever. 


  1. Congratulations!

    Your ring is stunning.


  2. congratulations! the ring is gorgeous and it looks like you both had the perfect evening!

  3. What a sweet proposal! Your ring is gooorgeous! Congrats!